a1-academia ERP

Affordable enterprise academic platform
for Higher Education

Discover how a1-academia can help you transform the experience of academic process management

a1-academia ERP <h3><br>Affordable enterprise academic platform <br>for Higher Education</h3>

Awesome Features

The platform has undergone substantive redesign and improvent to achieve the enterprise grade status for the cloud and enterprise offerings. We will continue to innovation path for the benefit of institutions who are onboard with the project's vision

awesome design

a modern and minimalist interface focused on productivity, built under security and performance standards


the solution consists of a detailed set of rich features and functionalities that are customizable through setup, allowing you to take control of your institution and the processes you require in the implementation of each phase


scalable a1-academia ERP solution with a modular approach as an SaaS solution offers your institution maximum flexibility in the use of required modules that enable grow seamlessly expanding the functional scope based on your needs


our solution can be implemented in phases, which will allow you to obtain immediate results and adjust processes as they are implemented. This will allow you to progressive train your employees to use and take advantage of the full power of a1-academy ERP

Screen Shots

A sample screenshot of a1-academia ERP, the best alternative to expensive academic ERP. A solution that will be with you at any stage of your organization's growth, designed for institutions of all sizes, from small to medium and large institutions. Contact us

a1-academiaCloud features

  • open architecture
  • multi-language, multi-campus, new look, improved functionality
  • centralize the academic calendar
  • support academic structure, course structure
  •  registration process with advanced options
  • facilities management
  • class scheduling
  • curriculum management
  • workload management
  • gradebook module
  • student records
  • student finance module
  • financial aid module
  • accomodation management
  • dynamic reports
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become member of a1-academiaCloud customer network

become member of a1-academiaCloud customer network

As a member, you will benefit from a partnership that offers constant enhancements, new features, dedicated support, a helpful community.
The cloud service is an agile, highly adaptable and cost-effective way for your organization to leverage an enterprise-grade platform to automate your academic processes and functions across the entire student management lifecycle.
With a1-academia cloud, you elevate your institution to an enterprise-grade level, with minimal adoption and operational barriers.

We guarantee quality of service, as you focus on your core mission


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